Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping :
Dononman ships all over the world via DHL / FEDEX / UPS. For shipments outside US & Canada, all related taxes and duties are not covered.

Delivery :
Dononman garments are made for you, it will take about 10 days in production and 3-5 business days in shipping. We will do our best to make sure you receive your order within 2 weeks, but cannot guarantee if any delays happen thru logistic company. All the tracking details will be provided through your email.

Payment of custom charges:
For orders shipping to the US & CANADA, you won’t have to pay any additional custom charges.

For addresses outside of the US & CANADA, all required taxes, VAT, import or excise suitors are the sole responsibility of the recipient in their specific country.

If you’re asked to pay any customs charges on your order within US & Canada, please send us email on:

For shipping-related complaints:
If you provided wrong address, you will need to contact the transporter to have it re-routed to the correct address. This may have re-routing fee. You will need to shoulder the cost. If the order is urgent, we will remake and rush ship it at your full expense.

If Dononman provided the wrong address to transporter, Dononman will handle full re-shipment costs. If the order is urgent, we will remake and rush ship it to you at no extra cost.

Returns & Cancellation

If you are not satisfied with Dononman products due to reasons like fit, quality, fabric issue, etc, please contact us at, we will evaluate the issue on a case per case basis. The general principles are:

1. If we were not able to follow the clothing measurements you entered, with consideration of our cutting commitment and allowances published on our website, we will remake your order. We highly suggest providing clothing measurements (pants, shirts, suit jackets) as the allowances our tailors are minimal and within industry standards.
If clothing measurements are unavailable, customers may opt to use body measurements. Our tailors add specific allowances (for comfort and movement) to garments made from body measurements. Due to these additional allowances, the customer may incur local alteration fees on their end to achieve a better fit (depending on their preferences).

2. If the package has been damaged during shipment, we will request for a photograph of it. We will replace the order as long as it has not been tampered (washed, cleaned, etc) and reported within 1 week upon receipt of the item


We do not provide refunds for made 2 measure garments as they are all custom-made to your preference and body measurements.

Payment & Inquiries

Payment Safety Dononman takes many active steps to ensure the absolute safety of your credit card and personal information. We process all credit card sales via a fully secured and reputable third party payment processor and do NOT keep full credit card information on record.

1. What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Wallet, Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

For workmanship-related complaints, please contact us via email within 2 weeks after delivery of the goods. Complaints made after this period will not be entertained.


1. Customer submits photos showing the complaints within 14 days upon product receipt then email us on:

2. Dononman International staff reviews the following: Photos, Profile and original order details submitted, Quality paper/production paper, Additional notes/requests, email correspondences concerning the order

3. Dononman International staff forwards these to the production manager for further investigation.

4. Dononman International staff presents these resolutions to customer.

For measurement-related complaints, please submit photos to showing the wrong measurements. Take note of the proper way of measurements as specified on our Measurement Forms. We follow the international standards for tolerance of production.

If Dononman International is responsible for an issue that is easily repairable or can be modified by a local tailor, Dononman offers up to $20 alteration credit per item.

If you submitted wrong measurements / style, we will either remake or alter the garment at your full expense.

If Dononman International is at fault, we will handle full cost of alterations / remake. If it's easier to have a local tailor alter this for you, we can offer a service credit to be used for future order.

The above resolutions are general guidelines. We review the complaints in a case-to-case basis. It is always best that you contact customer service at for any concern you may have so they can provide better resolutions for you.
Please inquire with our customer service team or your Menswear Specialist for group pricing rates for your special occasions.

For group orders for events such as Weddings, Dononman International will not submit any orders for processing until all members of the group have pre-paid in full for their garments.

Clients are responsible for ensuring all members of their group reach out with enough time to complete the process within our standards (generally, 4-6 weeks before the deadline), or Dononman International will always guarantee that all members of the party will be able to reserve the proper fabric.

Laundry Care:

Jacket & Trouser…

An occasional steaming is helpful on high-stress points to help reduce wrinkling (at the knees or elbows). A true dry cleaning is only necessary a few times a year unless there is rigorous wear or stain/odor. Excessive dry cleaning can create a sheen or pill the fabric.

Spot cleaning and using a soft brush to tend to dust or dirt is great between dry cleans, and always store the garments on a quality hanger with a properly supportive “shoulder”. Never keep your items inside a garment bag or box for long term storage.

Fabric Information..

Dononman International Fabrics is the canvas through which we can express our artistry. So, it’s extremely crucial that our fabrics be nothing less than superior. We specialize in 100% wool, high twist T/R and T/R- Polyester fabrics which are further tailored into styles that are classic as well as contemporary.

We house a wide range of Italian fabrics that create the perfect silhouettes for Suits, Blazers and Trousers for every occasion – from business to special moments.